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Ford Car Maintenance Tips for Women

The Ford Motor Company recently launched a series of 30-minute podcasts on its Web website online created by women mainly for women. The concept in the back of the brand-new series, What Women Want, is to cover the car topics that girls care about the most, along with protection, technology and Ford automobile protection.

During a latest podcast in the What Women Want series, blogger Becky Harks hosted a 30-minute question and solution consultation with Ford Motor Company Vehicle Dynamics Development Engineer, Cristina Rodriguez. The two girls mentioned vehicle protection myths and Becky requested Cristina a few questions about behalf of her lady weblog readers. Read on to see what Cristina needed to proportion with Becky and the opposite ladies listening in our on-line world.

How can girls keep away from being ripped off by a mechanic? Because many girls aren’t experts inside the subject of car preservation, a lot of them regularly sense that they are taken gain of when they visit their nearby mechanic, in particular in the event that they have their kids with them after they visit the store. According to the podcast, if women entered the restore shop feeling greater assured in their car understanding they might not be smooth targets. Cristina shows asking others about your vehicle problem or looking online to find greater facts about what the problem is probably before heading into the restore keep. That way, you will sense like you’ve got an idea of what goes on with your car and you can speak to the mechanic without seeming clueless. Cristina additionally said that once in a while she will take a man along with her to the repair shop, but she will be able to nevertheless do all the talking. This will show the mechanic that you recognize what is going on and aren’t going to allow yourself to be taken benefit of car cover waterproof all weather.

Does high octane gasoline simply deliver higher overall performance? Most engines are designed to take ordinary unleaded fuel (87), this means that that higher-octane gas does not necessarily enhance the overall performance of your Ford car. According to Cristina, if your automobile does now not require excessive octane gasoline, you ought to simply use normal unleaded gasoline because it will prevent money.

Why do people get fuel flushes? People get fuel flushes for you to smooth the gas line. If there is an obstruction on the line, it can affect that vehicle’s performance and a gas flush might also help. However, it’s not something that wishes to be achieved frequently.

Can you surely cross 12,000 miles without an oil exchange if you use artificial oil? Synthetic oil is meant to use on vehicles that function beneath extreme conditions or in excessive climates. Technically you may pass longer without an oil trade on synthetic oil, because it turned into developed to interrupt down much less than normal oil. However, it is first-rate to apply the oil that the car manufacturer recommends, that’s typically no longer artificial oil.

If you take your car into the store for one factor, and the mechanic tells you 10 various things are wrong with it, what need to be the highest precedence if you have restricted money to spend? Things that need to be constant proper away encompass something related to the brakes, steering, tires, engine and transmission. Since the engine and transmission make the car cross, if a hassle is omitted, it is able to purpose larger issues down the line. Even even though they’re regularly the most highly priced to repair, they should be the first precedence and never unnoticed. Anything this is handling the underneath body of the auto may be dismissed, until it is making a atypical noise or vibration. Then get it fixed as soon as viable.

Is it better to have your tires slightly beneath inflated or over inflated? Neither. The exceptional element to do is to comply with the manufacturer’s commands on what the tire pressure should be. Under or over inflating the tires will alternate their shape and have an effect on performance, experience and gasoline economic system. If your tires are below inflated it can purpose untimely put on on the tires and cost, you extra cash down the road.

Does Ford have any plans to make a hybrid minivan? Ford has currently brought the eco-increase engine which gives the performance of a larger engine with more energy, however, has the fuel economic system of a smaller engine. For instance, when you have a V6 eco-improve engine, you will have the electricity of a V8 with the gasoline performance of a V6. According to Cristina, Ford is going to be using eco-increase technology into the different automobiles strains inside the following few years.

How long can a person drive with the test engine light on? According to Cristina, it relies upon. Many times, in Ford cars these days, the check engine light comes on for something as small as forgetting to place the gas cap on tight enough. Other instances it is a malfunction in a sensor or the pc. These are minor problems that don’t need to be attended to right away. However, if you can bodily experience like something inside the engine is going for walks differently and the take a look at engine light is on, you ought to get it checked out straight away.

Where can women locate dependable records approximately vehicle preservation on-line? According to Cristina, the Ford Motor Company Web web page has a number of remarkable information. However, she recommends not going to simply one supply. If you are having automobile issues, check out some distinction resources on-line and evaluate. That manner you’ll be able to weed out the facts from the myths.