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Flushing and Replacing Engine

Engine coolant maintenance is critical to the life of your engine. Automotive cooling systems are tasked with dissipating the heat generated by the engine to keep it at its most efficient operating temperature. The cooling system is designed to get the engine up to the correct operating temperature as soon as possible and to keep it at that temperature regardless of the operating conditions.

Proper temperature is important for the life of the engine. The exhaust system takes away much of the heat however parts of the engine, such as the cylinder walls, piston, and cylinder head absorb large amounts of the heat. If the engine gets too hot engine parts could expand causing engine seizure and premature wear due to a thinner oil film which could result in a ruined engine. The opposite, an engine running at too low a temperature, is inefficient, results in dirty oil, deposits, poor fuel mileage, and increased exhaust emissions.

Your typical water-cooled engine consists of: a 50/50 mix of antifreeze coolant and water, a thermostat used to bring it up to operating temperature, a water pump to circulate the coolant between the engine block passages and the radiator, radiator